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AARM   The Annotated Ada Reference Manual contains the entire text of the Ada 95 standard (ISO/IEC 8652:1995(E)) plus various annotations. It is intended primarily for compiler writers validation test writers and other language lawyers. The annotations include detailed rationale for individual rules and explanations of some of the more arcane interactions among the rules.

Ada 9X   the working title of Ada 95 before the language was completed.

ASIS  The Ada Semantic Interface Specification is a layered vendor-independent open architecture. ASIS queries and services provide a consistent interface to information within the Ada compilation environment.

Dynamic Polymorphism  Polymorphism implemented at run-time using a "tag" to determine the type of item; tagged records objects.

Inheritance  Creating new items containing an original item's features without changing the original item.

LRM   is the abbreviated name of the Language Reference Manual sometimes called Ada Reference Manual. "LRM" was often used in the days of Ada 83; "RM" or "rm95"

Multiple Inheritance  Creating new items from two or more original item's features without changing the original item.

Polymorphism  A means of factoring out differences amongst a collection of items so that programs may be written in terms of the common features.

RM   see LRM.

RM95   see LRM.

Static Polymorphism  Polymorphism implemented at compile-time; generics.


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